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A Review of Ministry in 2022
Tuesday, March 7, 2023 by Amber Schafer

Thank you for being a part of the Summit in 2022. Together, we are a community of believers passionate about sharing the Gospel. Through your support, our overseas partners have given practical help and spiritual hope to the refugee, the impoverished, and the vulnerable in the name of Jesus.


94,835 Men, women and children heard the Gospel

65,365 Bibles were distributed

178 Pastors and leaders were trained for ministry

4 Churches were planted (15 plants in process in Ukraine)

104,500 Food packages were provided to refugees and needy families

64,400 Hygiene packs were distributed to refugees

290,075 Meals were provided for refugees and children’s programs

83,822 Pounds of SMI generated products shipped overseas

210,283 Pounds of aid shipped to Ukraine from Poland


You can help us reach more with the Good News of Jesus in 2023! 





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