Stories From the Field

Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Snapshot From the Church Network in Ukraine: Growing Young Faith

A 15-year-old girl, Anna, comes to our church in central Ukraine. She comes from a dysfunctional family. The family had come to our church for help. After a while, Anna joined the church, repented, and she is eager to live for God. Her mom has more
Summer Bible Clubs

Bible Clubs are Making an Impact at New Village Churches

Hello!  My name is Svetlana.  My church is located in the city of Tiraspol.  Recently my church opened three churches in the villages of Malaiesti, Chitcani, and Andriasevca.  Our ministry at these new churches is focused on more
Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: Fervent in Spirit and Serving the Lord in Ukraine

Dear Friends, Peace be with you.  I am a pastor of the Revival Church in Ukraine.  Over the past six months, I have had the opportunity to be on the front lines twelve times ministering in the de-occupied regions of Kherson and more
Adventure Camps

Showing Teens in Moldova and Transnistria the Path to God

So far this summer, we have completed seven weeks of Adventure Camps. Seventy-four people, ages 9-23 years old took part in these seven camps. A team of five people led each camp. Our partner, and Adventure Camp Director, Sergey told us, more
Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Flooding in Kherson Compounds the Devastation of War

“Thanks to your financial assistance, we brought humanitarian aid to Kherson...We gave food and preached the Word of God to them. I praise God for your sacrificial hearts and sympathy for those who weep. Blessings to all of you!” - more
Children of the Street

Your Support Allows Us to Nurture Children

"Hello dear friends! My name is Veronica, the Director of Children of the Street feeding and tutoring program in Transnistria.  We continue our work with children and teens during the summer holidays. With God's help, the more
Help the Children

Help the Children Agricultural Project: Giving At-Risk Families Food Security

Help the Children is a partnering program of Summit Missions International. Aiding at-risk children, teens, and families in some of the poorest regions of Transnistria, their community centers provide safe places where vulnerable children and more
Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Last Hope

We were approached by a man from a city in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. He told us that he had lost his home and moved to the capital city, Kyiv.   He felt he could not cope with his losses and considered jumping from the ninth more
Ukraine Response

Bring Help and Smiles to Ukrainian Children

It has been nearly two years since Russia invaded Ukraine. There is no end in sight to the ongoing destruction and displacement of its citizens. Throughout the war, churches across Ukraine have been using the limited resources they have to serve more
Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Skepticism Erased

“Serhiy came to our refugee shelter in our south-western city of Ukraine from the Donetsk region. He would listen to our sermons and conversations about Jesus with skepticism. Serhiy has since found a job and resettled here in the city. more
Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Natalia's Story: Attention Drawn to God Through Difficult Circumstances

My name is Natalia. I am 43 years old. My husband and I have had 25 years of happy marriage and have three children. Our family lived in a city in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. There, we had our own business of making ceramic products. I more
Sports Ministry - Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Greater Sports Camp for the Gospel

In 2022, with their home city of Kyiv, Ukraine, under attack during the Russian invasion, our partners, Pasha and Rustam, moved their families to Germany. They wasted no time sharing their faith with hundreds of refugees living in their new more
Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Simplicity and Faithfulness

While in a city in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, I met a believing man. He did not want to evacuate with others leaving the city but desired to stay to serve. He is a simple man that never had gifts for singing or public speaking but humbly more
Ukraine Response - Church Without Walls

Mila Finds Meaning in Life

Church Without Walls in Moldova has been actively involved in ministry to Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war. As the war persists, many continue to turn to the church for help. Around 400 families are supported with food packages more
Help the Children

Help the Children: My Second Home

“Three years ago, I found out about Help the Children Charity and their mentoring program and was invited to attend the program by their staff,” says 19-year-old Lera. Help the Children’s community centers in Transnistria more
Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Bringing Refugees Back to the Path of Hope

Bethany Church is one church in the Generations Network Ukraine who have been helping the displaced during the war. They have been providing physical and medical aid and replacing and repairing windows in homes that have been damaged in the more
Summer Bible Clubs

Developing Young Leaders Through Bible Clubs

Hello, my name is Nastya! I attended Bible Club for several years in a row. When I became older, I was invited to be a helper with the Bible Clubs. It was so interesting for me to have the opportunity to serve in this way, and I enjoyed more
Children of the Street

God Changes Character

Vladislav, a 14-year-old boy who has been attending the Children of the Street program for many years. He is very quick-tempered and likes to solve problems with his fists. From an early age, Vladislav has been drinking alcohol and smoking more
Adventure Camps

Character Development Through Adventure Camp

My name is Maria. I’m 15 years old. I learned about Adventure Camp and the summer rafting trip from my sister, Ekaterina. She is the raft’s chief mate. Last summer was my first time at the camp, which was a river rafting more

Why Volunteer?

  Meet Myah! I was inspired to begin volunteering with Summit Missions when I was assigned a service project for my Global Politics class at school.  To complete the assignment, we were required to engage in a political more
Ukraine Response

Ukraine War Update

While we wish we could say the war in Ukraine is over, and although it is not often in the news headlines, the reality is the situation remains turbulent, negatively impacting millions of lives. During their recent travels, our Executive more
Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Karina’s Family Finds Help and Friendship at a Church in Ukraine

Our family was displaced from our home in the Donetsk region.  Our city is under constant shelling.  When we came to Kyiv, we were in a difficult situation, being in a foreign city with little financial resources.  We looked for more
Summer Bible Clubs

Summer Break = Time for Bible Clubs

The end of the school year signals the beginning of summer.  For children in Eastern Europe, it brings the anticipation of Bible Clubs.  Many children wait with excitement summer after summer for the next Bible Club to begin—it is a more
News - Ukraine Response

The Russian Invasion: A Catalyst for Drawing People Into a Restored and Redeemed Relationship with

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.“ - Genesis 50:20 This verse was a recuring theme over the 9 days SMI board member, Dean Domer, and I spent more
Children of the Street

A Different Life Picture is Taking Shape Through the Children of the Street Program

Karina is 10 years old.  She lives and studies in Grigoriopol, Transnistria, a city located on the bank of the Dniester River.  Karina is a small, fragile girl in size, but, at the same time, a very strong girl.  She is from a more
Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Simple Things Bring About Great Change for Displaced Ukrainians

Volunteers from our church evacuated a family of five, including their 94-year-old grandmother from the Kherson region. The day before they left, they had buried their uncle. Shelling was taking place during the funeral and at one point, the more
Help the Children

Not Your Average Dream Come True!

Hello, my name is Maria, and I am the coordinator of the mentoring project for the Help the Children organization in Transnistria. My love for people, especially teenagers, is the first reason for working in the social work sphere.  I am more
Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Like the Sun Shining in My Heart

“My family and I are very grateful that the church is here!  I had never been to such meetings before.  It is as if the sun was shining in my heart!  Your church is so good and cozy like a home.  Glory to more