Stories From the Field

Ukraine Response - Church Without Walls

Vika Finds Hope Through Church Without Walls

In celebration of “Mother’s Day,” Church Without Walls hosted a dinner event for Ukrainian refugee women. During the event, Vika, a woman who had come to Transnistria as a refugee, shared her story of God’s help in her more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: Strength to Serve

As the war in Ukraine persists, our church continues to serve refugees. We are sending resources to the front line of the war. In one month, the church was able to deliver 1.5 tons of food, clothes, and hygiene items extremely close to the more
Children of the Street

Lida's Story

Lida is a girl who lives in Transnistria with her family. Her father is deaf and unable to speak. He cannot work due to his condition. In order to support the family, Lida’s mother had to leave her family, home, and country to find more
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A Review of Ministry in 2022

Thank you for being a part of the Summit in 2022. Together, we are a community of believers passionate about sharing the Gospel. Through your support, our overseas partners have given practical help and spiritual hope to the refugee, the more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: The Lord is Touching the Hearts of People

In 2014, we left the occupied part of Ukraine [Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014] for the city of Kyiv. We are involved in organizing a new church in an urban district of the capital city. During the war period, we more
Help the Children

The Significant Influence of Mentoring

This is Dima! He is only 18 years old but has had a difficult fate. Very early in life, the burdens and responsibilities of an adult man were placed on him. He lives alone with his mother, who is ill, can barely walk, and needs constant care. He more
Ukraine Response

A Nebraska Grandmother Helps Bring Joy to Ukrainian Refugee Children

In early December, we received a call from Sandra, in Nebraska.  She had been looking for a “hands-on” Christmas project for her nine grandchildren. She was excited to learn about the backpack project for Ukrainian refugee more
Ukraine Response

Elena Finds Hope in an Unfamiliar Place

My name is Elena, I’m 48 years old.  I came from Marhanets to a new city because of the war.  I was not familiar with this city and was trying to adapt, find a new job, meet new people, and navigate unfamiliar places. more
Children of the Street

God Changes Hearts

Meet Andrey! He studies in the 9th grade at a Moldavian-speaking school in his hometown of Grigoriopol, Transnistria.  He is a fan of table tennis and football. While his mother is abroad in search of work, Andrey lives with his elderly more
Generations Mission Assoc - Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: Salt and Light

Though Russia began a full-scale war on Ukraine in February 2022, the church in Ukraine never stepped aside. From the first days of the war, churches, volunteer movements, and civic organizations have taken responsibility and joined together to more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: Thank you for your continued remembrance and support

I am the associate pastor of a church that has 128 members. As we have two pastors at our church, I try to focus on the external ministry of the church: evangelism, help and service for refugees, and participation in various rural, more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: We Sincerely Thank You for the Opportunity to Serve

Peace be with you, dear brothers and sisters. We sincerely thank you for the opportunity to serve with you in this time of great need for the people of Ukraine. Our regular ministry is in the Kherson region; however, we are currently more
Help the Children

The Joy of Seeing

Help the Children is a partnering program of Summit Missions International working with at-risk children, teens, and families in Transnistria. Help the Children works with children ages 7-14. Located in one of the poorest regions of Transnistria, more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: Precious Contributions

Over the past several months, our church has served refugees and other vulnerable people in our city. Every Saturday, we hold evangelistic meetings and feed people. Four refugees were baptized because of the ministry that has been sustained more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: God is touching many lives through your help!

The ministry of our church is centered in the city of Ternopil where we are helping hospitals, those displaced, and the needy with housing, food packages, and medicines. Currently, we are also helping with humanitarian aid in the war-torn more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: The Darker it is, the Greater the Need for Light.

For the past four years, I have been involved in pastoral ministry and working with the church ministry team. I serve with my three children who have begun to develop a youth ministry, and my wife is involved in sports ministry. We, now, all work more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: When We Care for God's Kingdom, He Cares for Us

  “Dear brothers and sisters, my soul rejoices that I have such a great God. Jesus puts it on your hearts to be concerned about me, even though you have never even seen me and there is a great distance between us. It also more
Ukraine Response

Jesus Was a Refugee Too

  “We distributed aid to a new group of refugees. 37 people came to our meeting. We drank tea and for 20 minutes we told people the Gospel.  We told them about how Jesus was a refugee. How one day he had to go to Egypt with more
Ukraine Response

Loving and Helping Ukrainian Refugees this Christmas

This season our partners in Eastern Europe are trying to make Christmas more meaningful to Ukrainians displaced from their homes. Our partner Igor says, "We want to tell refugees we love them and want to help them." Igor is a more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: The Lord is Working Miracles

I am working to grow a church, as well as organizing new churches in a city in the western part of the country. Since the beginning of the war, we have about 10 people left on our church team, but we continue to serve. We have worked together more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: You Helped Us Expand Our Boundaries

Thank you to the Generation missionary community for your financial contribution to the ministry in our village. The financial gifts we receive help us expand our boundaries so that we are not ministering to people with empty hands. Grocery more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot From The Church Network In Ukraine: Maintaining Relationships

"Our church has been providing shelter for people displaced from their homes. We have maintained relationships with those who have moved into long-term housing in our city.  Recently a Bible study group started meeting in a home. A more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot from the Church Network in Ukraine: Sharing Spiritual and Physical Food

Before the war, we were involved in the organization of a new church and youth ministry in the area where we live. Now we help civilians and are doing a chaplaincy ministry for the military. We are engaged in evacuating people from the city more
Ukraine Response

Snapshot from the Church Network in Ukraine: Thank You for Your Encouragement!

Currently, I am involved in youth ministry and resettlement ministry. Our church buys food and puts together food packs for people in our city: widows, orphans, low-income families, families with many children, and people who have lost their more
Ukraine Response

She Saw it as a Miracle!

Our church constantly prayed as a woman with her teen daughter left the war zone in the Kherson region. Their driver had to navigate through many roadblocks, and they got stopped at a checkpoint. Because the girl had an athletic build, more
Ukraine Response

Backpacks for Refugee Children

Elena lived in a southern port city of Ukraine with her husband and their three daughters, Nastya (17 years old), Masha (14 years old), and the youngest, Alexandra (7 years old).  Concerned for their family’s safety, they sent more
Ukraine Response

Olga: A Refugee Sharing Faith

Earlier this year, a Ukrainian family left their home during the war to seek safety in Moldova. While at a refugee shelter, they met Igor and Church Without Walls. The church has been providing practical assistance to those uprooted by the more
Help the Children

Attention, Care and Love

Meet Karina! She is a social worker at Help the Children Charity in Transnistria. “We work with children and low-income families,” Karina says. “The program provides children with tutoring, clothes, school supplies, food more