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Established in 1994, Summit Missions International is a Christian organization that partners with churches and leaders to provide practical help and spiritual hope across Eastern Europe so people can hear about God’s love for them through Jesus Christ.

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Join the Summit and bring help and hope to Eastern Europe. Countless families live in physical and spiritual poverty and struggle to provide the necessities of life for their loved ones. They put their hope in money and things, expecting to find a better life, only to be disappointed in what they find. Few can escape their circumstances and are stuck in a cycle of poverty. This often leads to frustration and hopelessness. Less than 1% in Transnistria, 3% in Ukraine, and 5% of the Moldovan population are Evangelical Christians, so few hear about the hope they can have through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Summit Missions International is influencing future generations in Eastern Europe for Christ. Through our partners, we walk alongside families and provide for the practical needs while providing spiritual hope found through a relationship with Jesus. Prayerfully consider becoming involved in what the Lord is doing in Eastern Europe. We have a movement of Christians at Summit Missions called “The Summit”, which is a community of believers that are passionate about sharing the Gospel and providing resources to our partners. By joining “The Summit”, you will partner with us to help bring positive changes to the lives of people in Eastern Europe. ... Join the Summit

Summer Bible Clubs - Ukraine Response

Reaching the Hearts of Children and Refugees

Meet Lena! She is the coordinator of the Summit Missions Bible Club program. Each week-long club is full of games, songs, lessons, and crafts, and Lena says the children are noisy, active, and have an exciting time. But these same children that burst with energy just moments before will "stop to ask important questions about the Bible lessons they heard," Lena added. "These are the times we as leaders recognize the seed we sowed got into their little hearts.”   For several months more
Ukraine Response

Seeking Hope and Security

Leaving their home and everything behind in a port city of Ukraine, a family of four came to Transnistria with one suitcase. This grandmother, her daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren were invited to a children’s program and a Sunday service at the local church. After sitting through the long service, the grandmother was asked if she was tired. “No!” She answered. “I was so interested! Why have I never come to church before?” Our partners in Transnistria are saying there are more
Ukraine Response - Help the Children

Refugees Receive Care and Support

Anna and her two sons, Valeriy (16), and Alexey (8), didn't plan to leave their home in Ukraine. But when explosions hit near their home, everything changed. Prior to the war, they led a typical life in Ukraine. Anna worked for a cleaning company. Her son, Valeriy, studied at the local college. Her youngest son, Alexey, enjoyed taking modern dance classes and actively participated in competitions. After the explosions in their community, they left the next day on an evacuation bus for the border of more