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Maybe There is a God!
Thursday, March 17, 2022 by Amber Schafer

Church Without Walls is a network of house churches in Transnistria that partners with Summit Missions International. Together, we hope to see the church grow as they extend practical help and the spiritual hope found in Jesus to their community. 

Since the war in Ukraine began, Igor, the Pastor of Church Without Walls, along with other members of the church have been making trips to the border of Ukraine and Moldova. At the border, they are meeting refugees and giving them transportation to safe shelter. Their fleet of minibuses, vans and cars often make three trips to the border each day.

On the last trip to the border one night, they met a mother and her 8-year-old daughter. After traveling from Mykolaiv, Ukraine and waiting two days for entry at the border, this woman and her daughter were cold and tired.

Igor said that when they offered to take them to the refugee center in Chisinau, she cried and hugged them. Igor told us, “She cried all the way to Chisinau and told us stories of what they had endured. At one point, I tried to tell her the Gospel, and she listened to me but did not react. I could tell she was not interested in the conversation.”

When they arrived at the refugee center, the church team gave this woman and her daughter a package of food and helped them get settled into their temporary housing.

The next morning, she called Igor to say thank you. She went on to say, “There must be a God like you told me about yesterday. If there are such people like all of you, then there is probably a God.”

That is exactly what Summit Missions is all about–providing practical help along with the message of spiritual hope in Christ that leads to an eternal impact in the lives of families and individuals throughout Eastern Europe.

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