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Katya's Family Receives Shelter and Support from Help The Children
Thursday, July 7, 2022 by Amber Schafer

Katya is a mother of three who lived in Ukraine and owned a small specialty cake baking and decorating business. Her children, Kostya (10), Jenya (9), and Lilya (3), enjoyed playing outside with friends in their neighborhood, but they had to stop going out because of the explosions and sirens. The war forced Katya and her children to leave their home, community, and business to find refuge. Katya said, “I want my children to have a happy childhood.”

Katya and her family found a safe place to stay at the community center operated by Help the Children in Transnistria. “I am grateful to every person who cares about us here,” Katya says. “We get delicious food, warm and clean beds, but the most important thing is support. I am happy to see the smiles on the faces of my children again and no longer fear.”

The staff at Help the Children say they thank God for the opportunity to be a part of Katya’s family’s story. Because of the support of Summit Missions donors, our various partners on the ground in Transnistria and Ukraine can continue to respond to the needs of refugees. Through their hard work and sacrificial service, they are being the hands and feet of Jesus, helping those in need.



Help the Children charity in Transnistria is a partnering program of Summit Missions International. They have met the essential needs of refugees from Ukraine by providing:

  • Transportation for refugees from the border of Ukraine into Moldova and Transnistria
  • Temporary shelter
  • Food assistance and hygiene kits
  • Children’s Bibles are given to refugee families staying at their facility
  • Games, crafts, activities, and programs for refugee children
  • Practical assistance and helpful information as these refugees make plans for their future
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